Best Tea Bags Brand Which Does Not Contain Plastic?

Which Tea Bags Do Not Contain Plastic?


Climate change is here, and this is what it resembles: more subsequent flooding in the US, a fierce blaze season in California, and dry spells over the Great Plains. Like putting resources into your retirement, the sooner we make a move, the better possibility we have at averting the direst effects of our quickly warming world. We still have time to save this world. We have to do so by taking baby steps. Small steps might seem harmless to you, but they have a massive impact on our society. You can start today; by replacing the ordinary tea bags in your house with the best tea bags which are plastic-free ones.

Do Tea Bags Go Bad?

You may think tea bags are only paper and tea, and that obviously they disintegrate, and that you’re doing your touch by placing them in your home food waste to compost. But I suppose you might be wrong.

Most of them contain up to 25% plastic. A few tea bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic. This plastic isn’t recyclable or biodegradable. The plastic polymer is added to tea bags so that they can seal up and keep their shape in hot liquids.

When you put all your used tea bags in the food waste or manure store, it can prompt plastic contamination, as its bit won’t disintegrate entirely. Because of the plastic substance, traditional tea bags can’t decompose. This makes them a terrible alternative for fertilizer material and the climate.

Two Teabag Issues to Know About

  • Paper tea bags fixed with a plastic paste that makes them non-recyclable or compostable
  • Plastic tea bags (the pack is made out of plastic, not paper) that start to breakdown when placed into boiling water or any liquid.

What are tea bags made of and how it affects the environment?

Not only the plastic tea bag contaminates the environment, but it also proves a health hazard. The plastic polymer from the teabag seeps into the tea, which we later drink. In this way, it messes up our endocrine system, damaging our stomach and liver.

The solution

Which Tea Bags Do Not Contain Plastic?

The solution to this problem is to buy plastic-free teabags. A very small-scale change in your tea routine can prove to be highly beneficial for Mother Nature.

Advantages of Plastic-Free Best Tea Bags

  • Less messy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compostable

Plastic-free Best tea bags Brands

  • ABEL and COLE

Abel and Cole provide a delivery service for their natural and organic food and drink produce. The company has totally plastic-free teabags. They use Soil On in their teabags. The tea sacks themselves are totally biodegradable, and the packaging is made of utilizing paper and biodegradable PE and is oxo-biodegradable.

  • Trimmer

Trimmer declared in October 2018 that they had made what they accept to be the primary ever totally without plastic. The teabags are manufactured from plant-based materials. With these, you make some tea as usual prior to putting the teabag in compost.


In April 2018, PG tips declared that it would move to 100% biodegradable tea packs.  They also used plant-based material to make their plastic-free teabags.

  • Teapigs

Teapigs products are plastic-free and biodegradable. They claim that their tea temples have always been plastic-free. Manufactured from corn-starch and 100% biodegradable – the teabags will compost in 12 weeks altogether.


Which Tea Bags Do Not Contain Plastic?

This planet is ours. It is made for us. It is our utmost duty to preserve natural resources instead of depleting them. At the end of the day, every choice we make will take us one step closer or away from destroying this environment. We owe it to Mother Nature. Switching to plastic-free best tea bags can help save the soil of this earth. There is still time to correct our mistakes. You can do so today by purchasing the plastic-free tea bags—a small step towards the beginning.

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