Best Zero Waste Gift Guide For 2020

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love giving gifts? Sure, receiving them is all fine and dandy but watching a smile spread across someone’s face as they realize you thought about them is unparalleled. It’s likely why so many of our traditions and festive-periods are centered around it!

A lot of the focus is based around one well-intentioned gifter bestowing the well-thought-out gift upon the giftee. But what if we looked more deeply into this exciting celebratory tradition?

You see, for some, there’s an extra link added into the gift-giving picture. This link is the true gifter of all gifts – the earth itself.

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

Just think about it.

Everything we have comes from the earth. We use its rich natural resources and stores of produce to craft our gifts. And yes, that’s everything, from the novelty Christmas slippers for your mother to the joke “best boss in the world mug” for your manager – it was all just once part of our beautiful planet.

The generosity of the earth is worth thinking of as we rifle through shop shelves or scroll through online stores, all in search of that perfect gift. You see, in a time when we’re all more environmentally-focused and looking for ways to let our earth breathe – we tend to fall down at the eco-friendly gift-giving hurdle.

Even the most eco-conscious of us out there can struggle to find a sustainable pair of Christmas socks. I mean, come on! Those things are a must and can’t be compromised.

Fortunately for us – we don’t have to.

We have the resources, the earth has already given us them, we just have to use them better. Sustainability if you will. Perhaps even zero waste if you prefer that lifestyle. Whatever suits.

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

What really comes down to is that you consume smarter – not necessarily consume less.

Enter the sustainable gift movement

All around the world, the concept of the best zero waste gift and sustainable gifting is gaining popularity.

It’s new. It’s chic, it’s cool and it’s kind to the world. It gives you the chance to kill two birds with one stone: bringing the joy of a physical gift alongside spreading the word of zero waste and sustainability.

It’s a cycle really, the earth gives to us, we give to others, and in doing so we give back to the earth – nothing is gained or lost (except for joy and gloominess!)

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

Big corporations, small-scale businesses, freelancers, and product-designers alike are all working towards creating a line of zero waste and eco-friendly products that can be wrapped up and gifted.

Phew, what a relief. There’s someone that’s thought about everything so you don’t have to.

You do, on the other hand, still have to do the research to find the right gift. And that’s where I come in handy with my comprehensive and up-to-date the best zero waste gift guide (just in case you thought I’d recommend anything out of style!)

Biodegradable cards.

Where else to start but with the cherry on top? Almost all gifts come with a thoughtful card to commemorate the occasion – it’s usually the most meaningful part! Cards usually find their way onto the mantelpiece where they’re looked upon fondly before, let’s admit it, they get thrown out. If we kept every card we ever received we’d need to dedicate a whole room to them!

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

When you think about all of the birthdays and holidays that we celebrate – that’s a lot of paper. 2.5 million trees a year worth of paper.


Tentree to the rescue. Better known as a sustainable clothing shop, Tentree have recently turned their hand towards eco-friendly cards. Made from biodegradable post-consumer paper, Tentree’s cards can be discarded organically.

But wait, that’s not all.

Tentree has snuck a tree seed into the paper of the card, meaning that it can be planted and should produce a towering tree within years to come.

Better yet, one tree will be planted on behalf of each card recipient making this one of the most ‘feel good’ gift ideas we can think of.

So, why not give the gift that never stops giving and pick the eco-friendly zero waste card choice this year? The card is so versatile and thoughtful itself that it could easily take the place of any present.

Fill it forward with the Cupanion Bottle

Just like watching a tree grow overtime, gifting someone a Cupanion Bottle is the perfect motivational tool to get them personally involved in a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

You see, the Cupanion Botle is kitted out with a tag that you can scan every time you refill via the fill it forward app. Using this app, you can track how many plastic bottles you’ve saved and your general impact on the environment. Not only this but with each refill logged into the app, a cup of water will be sent to someone in need.

So, if you’re looking to give a friend or family member a gentle nudge in the direction of reusable containers, now’s your chance. Entirely eco-friendly, cool, and delightfully sentimental – it’s the perfect bottle to touch someone’s heart.

LARQ Water Bottle

This is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. And coming in at around $100 it’s definitely on the pricier end but hear me out! It’s worth every last penny for not only its built-in technology but also for the amount of savings that can be made on buying water bottles – $1000 a year to be exact (or so the company estimates!)

This smart water bottle performs digital purification through UV-C LED technology that activates every two hours. That means that any bacteria, viruses, or other harmful particles are denatured and removed – which is more important nowadays than ever!

So, why not help your loved ones discover sustainability in the digital age while taking care of their wellbeing?

A little something to sip on

Speaking of rehydrating, sometimes we just need something to sip on! And that’s where the familiar and much-loved straw comes into the picture. Buuut, as we all know, straws in their most familiar form – plastic – are not at the top of any environmentalists list of favorite things. In fact, you’d probably find them at the bottom. That doesn’t mean they sip their Pina Coladas from the glass though, oh no – no way.

Stainless steel straws

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

If you’re looking for the classic stainless steel straw it has to be Klean Kanteen’s set of four. I am somewhat obsessed with these nifty little suckers mainly because they’re the perfect size for any drink but also because they come with silicon toppers. You have no idea how essential silicon toppers can be to your sustainable straw experience, especially if you’re prone to teeth-metal combat when going in for a refreshing sip.

The silicon stoppers soften any blow so that you can sip your beverage without a care in the world. Better yet, these handy toppers come in different shades and who doesn’t love adding a bit of color to their lives?

Did I mention that these straws make the perfect companion? You can carry them just about everywhere and their colored tips make them easy to spot in even the messiest of bags.

Whoever has the fortune to be gifted a set of Klean Kanteen’s straws will be thanking their lucky stars that they never have to come face to face with a metal straw edge ever again!


Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

Yes, it’s true, bamboo straws exist – they’re not just stuff of movies and far-off glamorous tiki bars. And they’re a lot less wasteful to the top! In fact, they’re almost completely waste-free due to being completely organic and built to last.

Since the only thing that’s ever going to get its teeth into bamboo is a panda, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty fool-proof gift that would fit nicely in anyone’s drink cupboard. Not to mention that it’s completely portable so your loved ones can keep it with them on the go.

No more picking up single-use plastic straws on the go, you’ve got them prepared with your best zero waste gift!

Head over to Bambu to check out their award-winning line of reusable bamboo straws. Their guilt-free straws are perfect for children and adults alike. Juice, Kombucha, Iced tea, Cocktails, or even just water – whatever they’re drink of choice, they can sip it up with a bamboo straw!

Sold in a set of 6 straws at $10 – They’ll even throw in a plant-based cleaning brush for free!

Pack in your waste with EcoBags

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

It’s quite likely that you’ve heard of EcoBags before. The go-to vendor for many eco-friendly fanatics, EcoBags have a reliable reputation and years of experience. So, you can be sure that anything you gift from them will satisfy your loved ones and last them a lifetime.

On EcoBags online store you can find anything from double-stitched tote bags (guaranteed durability) to woven bags. You can even pick up a sustainable wine bag made from 100% recycled materials for your wine-loving loved ones.

And not to get too over-zealous about the amazing EcoBag brand but you can even customize your own sustainable bag!

Save their eco-friendly souls and Kit them out!

Do you have one of those friends or family members who’s completely clueless about sustainable living? You know the type – the ones that fill a bin bag of waste a day and wouldn’t be caught dead in a second-hand shop. We’re surrounded by them.

And even though they can grind our gears or make us cringe from time to time, we still love them. Sometimes they just need a little tip in the right direction without being too pushy or shoving zero waste down their throats!

This is where the zero waste/sustainable starter kit swoops in and saves the day. And if a box filled with all of the essential tools to live a sustainable life seems too good to be true, you better start believing.

eco aware

Think of any issue you’ve run into that’s put your environmentalist brain to the test. Only plastic cutlery alongside the delicious meal you just ordered? And what’s this! The straw is plastic? It’s enough to make even the most relaxed zero waste beginner give up.

So, why not put a zero-waste kit full of sustainable and recycled goodies together for your pals? You’ll save them from the many problems a ‘zero-waste lifestyler’ runs into a non-zero waste world and give them even more reasons to make the leap into sustainable living.

What goes in one of these kits?


Biodegradable shopping, organic mesh bags, eco-friendly soaps, bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel portable cutlery, and straws. You could even through some zero waste cosmetics and sunscreen in there! Or a tightly woven hankie for those under-the-weather days.

This is the perfect sustainable gift as it’s completely customizable. You can adjust each kit to every person’s specific needs and only add in what they don’t already own (in the name of reduced consumerism!)

But if you either don’t have the time or you’re not quite sure where to get started yet, there’s always the option of gifting a preprepared zero-waste kit.

think green

And don’t limit yourself to a general zero waste kit – what if your friend already has almost everything they need to be sustainable?

Get creative!

Head over to Ecolunchbox to check out their chic lunchbox kit that comes with sustainable snack cups and even a bamboo spork! These kits are made from durable stainless steel, are easy to use, and 100% reusable.

Non-toxic zero waste candles

We don’t tend to think of our candles as increasing our footprint in the world. But it’s important to remember that its ingredients are all derived in some way from the earth.

Best Zero Waste Gift Guide

So it’s next to impossible to find a cruelty-free, ethical, sustainable, and zero waste candle. Despite many companies branding their candles as 100% environmentally-friendly, you’ll often find that this can in reality means 50% environmentally-friendly.

This can spell disaster when looking for the right candle for any candle aficionado in your social circle – and there tends to be a lot of them these days! Looking through the endless candle brands and products to find a suitably sustainable scented candle can become tiring.

But! have you sorted. Not only are these candles completely ethically sourced and built to last, but they’re also climate beneficial which means their production enhances the earth’s biodiversity while combatting global warming.

And if that’s not enough to excite your inner environmentalist, I don’t know what is!

With most of their candles being impressively priced under $15 you can give your loved ones an earth-saving gift. That’ll not only improve their home environment but the whole world’s environment.


For your friends or family who isn’t involved in the zero waste movement or don’t focus on the latest updates in the world-friendly news, it can come as a surprise that even the most staunch of environmental activists can beautify themselves!

Zero waste makeup, deodorant, shampoo, and body wash tend to be met with skepticism and doubt. And their quality is usually questioned and they’re still often overlooked for their less eco-friendly counterparts.


Give your loved ones the gift of discovery in 2020. Show them that just because a beauty product is kind to the earth, doesn’t mean it has to look bad on us!

There’s no compromise! No sacrifice – they’re just as good (if not better).

Ethique offers cute little shampoo and body wash bars that can either be bought separately or in a variety pack. These eco-friendly beauty bars work just like any other nonorganic and bottled cosmetic products but without the increased waste.

You can even buy cleansing bars and deodorants that are available in any scent or color you could hope for. And we all know that different types of hair and skin textures exist. Which is why Ethique has made it their mission to design eco-friendly beauty bars for everyone, no matter what their needs.

And finally – get baking or get crafty

 The monetary value of our gifts doesn’t make them any more or less worthy. In fact, some of the most touching and heart-felt gifts are those that took your own time and effort to make.


So why not let someone know you care about them by personally crafting them something? It can be anything from a hamper of baked goods to a painted picture of their favorite things.

How does this fit into the best zero waste gift giving? First of all, sentimental gifts are rarely thrown out and are usually cherished by the receiver. Secondly, they can be made from materials that you already have around the house or products that lead to little or no latent waste.

So, you end up with a creative, long-lasting, and impressive zero waste gift. How cool!

So, as you can see, it’s entirely possible to spread the love while maintaining zero waste principles. You can give your loved ones the gifts they desire without inflicting damage upon the earth. Why not pick up one of the items from this list to show those around you that you appreciate them? Who knows – it may even spark an interest in the zero waste movement!

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