New York Bans Plastic Bags And Plastic Straws

New York Bans Plastic Bags & Plastic Straws


Plastic bags are one of the biggest reasons for the degradation of our environment. Based on a study by Foundation for New York’s Strongest, a plastic bag is generally used for only 12 minutes. Once it has been used and thrown away, it takes hundreds of years for it to decompose. In the meantime, it has wreaked havoc on the environment. Based on such arguments plastic straws and plastic bag ban in New York was placed on March 1, 2020. The law was enforced, and regulations were announced on October 19, 2020.

This ban can go a long way in improving our environment. Here are some of the reasons why the ban is good for our surroundings:

  1. Bags and Straws are not biodegradable

Plastic bags take a lot of time to degrade. This makes them a big source of litter. Streets and farms get filled with litter. With the plastic bags ban, there will be no bags to be a cause of litter all around.

  1. A need to pick up litter

 When there is an excess amount of litter in the streets, there is a need for it to be picked up and thrown away. For that purpose, the government will have to hire and pay Trash Men who could perform the job. Based on a study by “1 bag at a time”, the cost of cleaning per bag is 17 cents. This will put pressure on our economy which can be avoided just by the ban on plastic bags.

  1. Harmful for the oceans

New York bans plastic bags and plastic straws

Once the bags have served their purpose, most of them end up in oceans. Marine life mistakes the bags for jellyfish and consumes them, leading them to illness and ultimately their deaths. Around 1 million marine life is brought to death per annum by the consumption of plastic in the ocean.

  1. Plastic Consumption by Human

Some people might not know about them when we use plastic straws, we are consuming micro particles of plastics too which accumulate over time. Once they get accumulated in a large amount, they can pose a large number of threats to the health of human beings.

  1. Obstruction to Smooth Drainage Flow

These bags are also responsible for clogging up the drain pipes. They can cause the water to overflow and jump out in the streets. It will not only damage the infrastructure but will also be a source of the smell in the neighborhood.

  1. Breeding Grounds for Mosquitoes

Plastic bags tend to accumulate water in them after the rain. This water is also an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. This attracts more mosquitoes in the neighborhoods with plastic bags lying around. A bite from a single mosquito can push a person into several illnesses.

  1. A huge amount of energy wasted

The process of making a plastic bag is a rather lengthy one. It requires extracting plastic resin from various items of daily use. This costs a huge amount of energy which can be used for a more productive and eco-friendly purpose with this plastic ban.

  1. Raising the price of daily items

When a person buys something at a local store, the shopkeeper is obliged to give a plastic bag to him. The cost of the plastic bag was compensated for the cost of the items that the customer purchased. Now that there is no need to provide the customer with plastic bags, the shopkeeper can easily reduce the price of products attracting more and more customers to his place.

New York bans plastic bags and plastic straws


The NY Plastic Bag Ban could prove to be the exact thing we need right now to save our environment. Not only can it help us make our surroundings greener, but it will also improve the quality of ocean life, save up precious energy, and put relief on our economy. From now on, whenever you go out to shop, do not forget to take your reusable bag with you, or else you will have a lot on your hands.

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