The UK Is Banning New Petrol And Diesel Cars

The UK Is Banning New Petrol And Diesel Cars

On November 17, 2020, The Labor Party of the UK addresses the growing detrimental impacts of environmental issues. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 10 point plan. And a new Green industrial Revolution introduces as part of the 2030 agenda under a 10 point plan.

This new plan aims to create significant climatic change and generate around 250,000 jobs in the country. Johnson compiled it in an article and published it on the official website of the Government early Wednesday morning. Under this plan, the Government announces a Ban on petrol and Diesel cars by 2030. This plan was under review and anticipated implementation before the declaration of the Green Industrial Revolution.

Origin of the Diesel Car ban:

This new ban comes as a calculated and collaborative effort of not just government parties but all stakeholders involved. In his article, Johnson hints that the Diesel Car ban came as a result of extensive consultation with car manufacturers and sellers. Easing into the ban, the Government recognized the industry’s need. And allowed for hybrid vehicles to continue to operate if they can be driven a significant distance without any carbon coming out of the tailpipe only up until 2035.

The government devised a sustainable plan of funding. And decided that up to 1.3 billion Euros will go towards improving the electric charging infrastructure. While 582 million euros dedicated to lowering the costs of electrically operated vehicles. So that the ban can be implemented across all communities of the UK society. Since Fuel is not going to be used a 4-year plan. And an additional 500 million Euros are dedicated to improving the mass production of electric vehicle batteries.

The UK Is Banning New Petrol And Diesel Cars

Will diesel cars be banned? The Challenge that is being faced:

With less than 10% of the vehicles sold in the united kingdom this year. The Government faces a major challenge if it aims to achieve large scale implementation of this ban. Getting 100% implementation will call for large scale changes within the entire supply chain of the sector. Since the economy is now partly dependent on the automobile industry; therefore, a proper charging system must be developed so that the number of cars on the roads is not reduced.

Diesel cars banned – International Implementation and Aim:

The Uk Ban on petrol and Diesel cars builds from the cross-country implementation of a more green-friendly environment. Denmark is one such example. It has introduced a gradual phase-out of diesel and petrol vehicles in 2030 as well. Norway has taken the lead in this aspect and has already started implementation. So that by 2025 there will be 0 emission vehicles operating on roads across the country.

The UK Is Banning New Petrol And Diesel Cars

The UK officials recognize this step as a mere first stage in the implementation of this rapidly growing market trend. While the UK has long comprehended this change. The Chief Executive of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has declared that the new deadline to meet targets has put an immense challenge.

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