Which Tea Bags Do Not Contain Plastic?

Which Tea Bags Do Not Contain Plastic?

But are you knowing the fact that tea bags are made of the plastics? You might be disturbed to hear that the plastic of teabags starts breaking down in your cup of coffee, leaking 11.6 Billion microplastics and 3.1 Billion nano-plastic materials into your cup of tea. You must choose a sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable tea bag for your own health as well as the planet Earth’s and its species.

What Are the Main Problems with Tea Bags?

There are several tea bags brands that use polypropylene for preventing the tea bags from falling apart. Polypropylene is a sealing agent, which is not recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. So, when you compost tea or compost tea brewer, all of this will not compost completely. Small bags will spread billions of microplastics and nano-plastics in the environment.

The following are the two main problems with the tea bags:

  • Sealing of the tea bags: Tea bags are sealed with the plastic material that is non-recyclable and non-compostable.
  • Plastic Bags: There are top-brands companies that use plastics in the production of teabags. It means that teabag itself is made of the plastics, which start breaking down once you put it in the hop cup of tea.

Which Tea Bags Are Most Sustainable?

If you want to avoid your teacup being steeped with billions of microplastics and nano-plastics, you must choose brands that are committed to fair trade and organic products.

Beyond the taste and smell of the tea, have you ever considered the source of the tea? Is your tea bag compostable, biodynamic, sustainable, and organic? Following are some of the brands that offer eco-friendly, eco-conscious, compostable, and biodegradable tea products offering sustainable tea bags and teas:

  • Arbor Teas

This is a loose-leaf tea that is packed in the compostable packaging. When you buy the arbor teas, you do not have to worry about the bags of the tea as there are no teabags. You will be purchasing the loose-leaf tea, whose packaging is made from the cellulose material. The front and back of the packaging are also made of the sugar-cane based paper or hemp-based paper.

The Arbor Teas are more environment-friendly as the sugar cane is availed from the sugarcane waste. This furthermore helps in waste reduction. Your green choices help in establishing the sustainable living community to a greater extent.

You can compost tea or compost tea brewer of the Arbor Teas.

  • Yogi Teas

It is another surprisingly amazing tea for the sustainable living community. Yogi teas are flavorful as well as compostable, biodegradable, and sustainable. They use a box for the packaging of the tea, which is printed using vegetable-based inks. All of the tea bags are enclosed and wrapped in a paper wrapper. So, Yogi tea bags are completely compostable.

When you use Yogi teas, you can compost tea.  Yogi tea is committed to preventing the avid tea drinkers from savoring the tea bags plastics. Alternatively, Yogi is one of the best eco-friendly products that provides you with the opportunity to enjoy organic tea. Yogi tea is also Non-GMO.

  • Pukka Teas

When you taste and smell the pukka teas, you will not be disappointed by the brand. It is one of the most sustainable brands, which has cotton bags. These cotton bags are organic and ethically sourced from the local market.

Pukka teas reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using organic compounds. Its strategic production techniques also help in waste reduction. Thus, Pukka tea is committed to fighting climate change and bring about habitat for the wildlife. Additionally, you will also be able to find the teas for every ailment and any specific purpose.

  • Numi Teas

Numi tea is an amazing tea because you cannot find this easily on the racks of the supermarket. As it arrives, it is sold out!

Numi teas is another eco-friendly product, which uses organic products in their products. Its packaging is applauded by environmentally conscious people. Numi utilizes 85% of post-consumer waste and icing on the cake is the soy-based inks prints. All in all, this is one of the most responsible eco-friendly products, which promise to put an end to the plastic waste problem.

  • Bigelow Teas

It is one of the most loved eco-friendly products by a sustainable living community. Bigelow is a green choice, whose tea bags are made of string and paper tags. Bigelow tea bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable. You can easily find the Bigelow in the supermarkets. We bet that you will fall in love with the taste and the smell of this eco-friendly product.

The tea is delivered in cardboard, which is also 100% compostable.

These five brands are responsible, ethical, eco-friendly, eco-conscious, and sustainable products. They are perfect to replace the plastic tea bags in your house. These sustainable and green choices are not expensive. They are very affordable, yet organic, natural, and pure.

Plastic Waste Problem with Teas: Tea Bags Holder

It is not only the tea bags, its production, and sealing that has caused the plastic waste problem. The most common material of the tea bags holder is again plastics. You are not making green choices until you are abandoning unsustainable habits such as plastic tea bags holders. In order to reduce your carbon footprint, you must not only abandon the plastic tea bag but also plastic tea bags holders. Thus, you will be counted as a valuable member of the sustainable living community.


Tea bags have two main problems, which include plastic sealants and tea bags plastics. Plastic sealants are hazardous but tea bags plastics are the most hazardous to human health. So, by switching to the organic, natural, and sustainably packaged tea bags, you are not only helping the planet Earth but also yourself.

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