Why You Should Switch To Eco Highlighter Pencils?

Why You Should Switch To Wooden Highlighter Pencils?


With the fast-growing amount of disastrous upshots of the spike in global warming, it has become mandatory for the inhabitants of the planet Earth to let go of the factors that are involved in its surge. To uproot a problem, we have to analyze and diagnose the elements responsible for its birth foremostly.

Who doesn’t know how much of a danger plastic is for the ecosystem of this planet? Every year, we hear and read stories on how plastic is destroying the lives of sea creatures, and animals as well. All in all, this material in no way is contributing to the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the only planet where our kind can survive.

This is why, in this blog, we are going to rationalize why you should switch to wooden yet eco highlighter pencil and quit the plastic ones forever.

1- Plastic: A Material Hard To Recycle

According to many authentic sources, Plastic is the most difficult material to recycle. Only 10% can be recycled while the rest of the 90% goes to landfills and oceans endangering the ocean life and polluting the water for human needs. Comparatively to this, paper, aluminum, and even glass are much easier to recycle.

Undoubtedly, the easy-going nature and accessibility of Plastic make manufacturers opt for this material. Moreover, it is sometimes cheaper than other materials too. But just pause there for a second and think about all the damage this ‘convenience’ is causing us? Let us all ask ourselves a question, is the disaster this material brings worth it? Or isn’t it time we move on to more productive ones?

2- The Pros of Eco Highlighter Pencil

Why You Should Switch To Eco Highlighter Pencils?

As we’ve mentioned just above how the accessibility and low-cost make manufacturers produce almost everything in plastic. But did you know a lot of amazing alternatives have been introduced in the market lately?

Since almost all of us use stationery items every day, what a valuable contribution it would be to switch from plastic pencils to wooden ones? You read it right, imagine a world of office supply items made with wood and other recyclable substances. You’d never want to even look at the plastic pencils highlighters again.

  • By the same token, these pencils are made of biodegradable products made of wood in a responsible way. This means, the wood used to manufacture is acquired from managed forests. Moreover, no ink solvent and volatile compounds are used in the manufacturing process.
  • You’d find a lot more diversity in the sizes and available colors of wooden pencil highlighters than the plastic ones.
  • The durability is quite surprising. You can sharpen these pencils the way you want and these highlighters will not bleed unlike regular ones disrupting your work as well.
  • The material is pretty smooth and fine. The users will love holding it and these wooden pencil highlighters will make them want to keep studying.
  • These products are a lot more budget-friendly than plastic ones. If you are a student or work in an office that has a lot to do with highlighters. Then you’d thank us for introducing you to these eco highlighter pencils. Because the savings in your wallet will simply amaze you.

The eco highlighter pencil is not only a valuable addition for creating an eco-friendly environment but they are aesthetically pleasing as well. What more would you want, right?

The Final Call: It’s Now or Never

Wooden pencil highlighters are the final call towards saving the only planet having the potential to let humankind survive on it. And what a tragedy would it be if it gets destroyed by the same species it gave shelter to!

It is high time we adopt eco-friendly habits before the storm of plastic engulfs us all. Let us announce to all the Barbie’s and Kens out there that “No, life is not plastic anymore”! This is the end of 2020 and we are deserting plastic with it before we see more scary things in 2021.


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