Why And How To Create Your Zero-Waste On-The-Go Kit?

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

If you are someone who has been recently trying to reduce their waste, you would know how messy and out of control things get when you are not at home. Did you get a craving to grab your favorite takeaway food when you got hungry? But then it occurred to you that the plastic wraps and disposable cutlery aren’t worth it.

This is where our little guide comes in. Once you go through our guide, you will know how a little planning can go a long way in avoiding all the waste.

Zero-Waste On-The-Go Kit

We will also help you create a zero-waste on-the-go kit that you must keep handy while on the go. It might take you some time to get used to taking your kit along, and you might forget it at home more than you might want to, but things will settle down with time. Forgive yourself; mistakes are bound to happen! What matters is you keep progressing towards your goal.

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

One of the most effective yet easy ways of reducing on-the-go waste is to create your very own to-go kit. If you have come across a minimalist/zero waster, you would certainly have noticed that each one of these species has its custom to-go kit.

For instance, a water bottle is definitely an essential part of any zero waster’s to-go kit. It doesn’t matter which water bottle you have; just make sure it is a part of your to-go kit. The kits may be personalized to the needs of each zero wasters, but they all serve the same purpose – curb the waste on the go.

You would be surprised to find out that creating your kit isn’t costly, and the amount of satisfaction it brings you each time you eat out without creating waste is unparalleled. Plus, the customization process is so fun. Here’s why you need a Zero-Waste On-The-Go Kit and how you can create one suitable for your taste and habits:

Why should I create my zero-waste kit?

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

The answer to your ‘why’ is very straightforward – reducing your waste while you are on the go. As we all know that eating is essential even when you are on the road. The on-the-go drinks and refreshments tend to produce plastic waste and too much of it. This is where your to-go kit will come in handy and eliminate the problem of producing waste. It will help you reduce your waste, aid you in practicing your beliefs and values, and make a model for others. Do you need any more reason than this for creating your custom kit? We don’t think so!

What should I include in my Zero-Waste On-The-Go Kit?

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What goes inside each zero-waste to-go kit is subjective to its owner. For instance, I keep a bamboo cutlery set, a lovely reusable coffee mug, bamboo straws, beeswax food wraps, a food container, reusable and washable napkins, eco-friendly zip lock bags, grocery shopping bag, and a reusable water bottle. These items work perfectly for me while I am on the go. You can set up your kit similarly according to your needs and habits. And it will work perfectly for you as well!

What is the zero-waste kit useful for?

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

The zero-waste to go kit comes in handy for a lot more things than you can imagine. I lost count of how often it has saved me from giving up on my beliefs and values and helped me practice and preach them with confidence and pride. It helped me dodge the fails in my zero-waste lifestyle countless times now. Here are a few reasons to create the zero-waste to-go kit that will make you fall in love with it just like me:

  • Since I keep my reusable bamboo cutlery in my kit, I refuse to take the plastic cutlery upfront whenever I eat out or take away my food.
  • I travel with my favorite reusable coffee mug, which allows me to enjoy my coffee/tea in a guilt-free way while on the road.
  • My reusable bamboo straws come in handy whenever I am offered plastic straws because obviously, I can’t drink from those little devils.
  • My food container and eco-friendly zip lock bags come in handy for packing away my leftover food safely for later consumption or composting while preventing food waste.
  • I always keep a few extra metal straws and bamboo straws if anyone around me needs them while we are traveling together.
  • I move around with confidence and shop anytime as I have my mesh produce bag and grocery shopping bag with me. So if I remember to buy something, I go to get it instantly guilt-free since my reusable bags are always with me!

The Essentials for crafting your Zero Waste Kit Yourself

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

Really happy to pass this valuable information on and become a part of making the world a better place to live in, not just for us but our future generations as well. We have put together the essentials for creating your zero-waste kit for making your on-the-go life waste-free effortlessly. However, you can add more items to it depending upon your lifestyle, preferences, and habits. Read on to find out the absolute essentials of a to-go kit for the zero wasters and make your transition to the zero waster lifestyle easier by taking this kit along on the road. We have also included free solutions if you are on a budget but still want to continue with your zero-waste living.

1.    Reusable Travel Coffee Mug

Travel Coffee Mug

Do you love to get your dose of caffeine on the road to function properly? If yes, then you must add a reusable travel coffee mug to your to-go kit. Get yourself a stainless steel mug. These mugs are perfect for keeping your drinks hot or cold with the right insulation so that you can sip them up whenever you get time.

Free Solution: Take along any mug or glass jar that you have at home but make sure to add some insulation to it to avoid hurting yourself.

2.    Reusable Bamboo/Metal Straws

It is recommended to keep a mixture of bamboo straws and metal straws so that you can offer them to your friend, colleague, or even partner while you are traveling together.

Free Solution: If you don’t have the straw with you, drink directly from the cup but don’t go for a plastic one.

3.    Plastic-free Reusable Water Bottle

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

Invest in a sturdy plastic-free water bottle. You would want an easy to clean one as it is going to stay with you for long. Make sure you get one that can keep your water at the right temperature, so you can sip it while on the go just as you like to drink it. Also, ensure to get yourself a leak-proof one. Even then, make sure to close it right so it doesn’t leak in your bag, though.

Free Solution:  just take along any glass bottle lying around your house if you can’t afford to invest in a new one right away!

4.    Reusable Utensils

While you are on your journey to zero waste, replacing disposable plastic utensils with an eco-friendly option is a must. Look for the bamboo or stainless steel substitutes and get a few for yourself to keep them in your to-go kit.

Having reusable utensils with you in your Zero-Waste On-The-Go Kit always comes in handy. You can either get bamboo containers that are lightweight and easy to carry or stainless steel ones, which are also exceptional in performance.

Free Solution:  Take along some silverware from home while wrapping it up in your napkin.

5.    Reusable Kitchen Towels and napkins

Keep your own reusable and washable napkins in your kit. So that you don’t have to reach for a disposable one whenever you need it on the go. You can clean them when you get back home or toss them in your laundry to wash later. These napkins are easy to clean and eco-friendly towards the environment. Look for some cute version of the napkins next time you go grocery shopping. You will find some amazing options online.

Free Solution:  use your old and worn out t-shirt to cut up cute little cloth napkins that would serve just as great as the new ones.

6.    Plastic-free Food Containers

Why And How To Create Your Zero Waste On-The-Go Kit

Food containers come in handy to store your leftover food on the go. These containers can also be used for packing your lunch or snacks so that you don’t have to stop and buy takeaway or junk food. You can get your leftover food at restaurants packed in these bad boys. So that you don’t have to take home any Styrofoam containers and increase your footprint.

A plastic-free food container or lunch box is essential for any zero wasters. Not only is it eco-friendly but also cheaper, healthier, and much more long-lasting.

Free Solution:  you can use an empty jar lying around in your home as a food container in your kit. No need to go looking for a new one in particular if you are on a budget.

7.    Washable and Eco-friendly Shopping bag

You might already know that how handy a washable and eco-friendly bag is when you are out and about. So, it is about time to replace that destructive habit of collecting plastic bags and replacing them with reusable ones. You can put the stuff you buy while on the go in your handy bag. This bag is easily washable and can be used again and again.

Free Solution: If you are a crafter, you would love to make a tote bag using your old t-shirt and put it to better use.

8.    Add a Refillable Pen to your Zero Waste Kit

A pen is what you can need anywhere, anytime. So, it is the best idea to keep one with yourself at all times. To avoid throwing away a pen each time it ends, get yourself a refillable one. So that you can substantially reduce your waste while writing away from all your notes in a guilt-free way.

How to Store your to-go kit?

It all depends on where you are going and for how long. You don’t need to bring all of these things all the time. On a day to day basis, you might just need your coffee mug, a food container, and your cutlery. However, when you are going on a business trip, or you know that you might have to eat out and stuff, then take the whole kit with you. Try to fit all this stuff in a bag and practice taking it along every time. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your comfort. Store it in a way that you are comfortable with when you have to carry it. A shoulder bag is usually great at carrying this sort of stuff and works great for me.

water bottle

Or keep your kit in your car all the time. So that you can use it whenever you need your essentials whenever you need them on the road. Again, store it wherever and however it is the easiest and most comfortable for you.

Bottom Line

Crafting your zero-waste to-go kit will certainly level-up your zero waste lifestyle. You will master the kit soon enough and then wonder what had been stopping you from doing it earlier. We hope you will be able to create your custom zero-waste to-go kit that suits your needs perfectly. Do share your ideas with us and help inspire people to get on the zero waste track!

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